5 Things to do with Your Newborn Baby


Just by way of introduction; we are Keith & Stephanie and we have three children Elise, Paul and David. I have the great joy of working with my daughter Elise as photographers. This blog is simply where we want to share with you some of the things we have learnt as parents. And also some of our children??™s thoughts!

Today we want start with “5 Things to do with your Newborn Baby”.

I vividly remember arriving home from the hospital with Stephanie & Elise. It was so exciting. We had decorated a new baby room. There were cards to open. Family rang and dropped by to see the new arrival. I became excellent at making tea and coffee for visitors who told me how much a new baby looked like Stephanie. Which in truth was a good thing.

But suddenly a new week started! Everyone was back at work. Life carried on. The shopping had to be done. Albeit more often to try and keep up with the demand for nappies. In essence life gets back to normal for the world around you very quickly. Suddenly as a mother of a new born baby you can find you are left to look after this new baby whilst everyone else gets back to doing their stuff. So what can you do with a new baby who seem to just feed and relive themselves?

Now is the time to make time! You will never have as much time to simply “BE” and be with your baby. As soon as they hit six months there is a whole load more stuff you can and need to do with your baby. But for now time is actually on your side. So here are five things to do with your Newborn Baby.

ONE : Create a Memory Box

They say that a baby changes more in the first year than they do at any other time in their life. And its true.

If you haven't made a memory box and established the idea of keeping little memento's in the first month of your baby's life, its probably not going to happen. Now you have time to create something that will bring great joy to you as a family in 10, 20, 50 years from now. Its not expensive. Its creative. And its memorable.

Things you can include in the box: Baby's scan photo. First hat. Hospital bracelet. First gloves to stop them scratching. Lock of hair. Get a photo of your new baby with each grandparent and great grandparent. Its so lovely to see them tiny in years to come with past generations.

TWO : Record Noises

I know this sounds weird. But its not. I remember that all our children made different sleeping noises. They each had a unique little sound as they slept. But now all these years later I can't quite remember it. I would love to just play it back now and listen to those great sounds. And remember. Be taken back to the baby room and all those wonderful baby smells.

Today its easy. Everyone has an iPhone or Smart Phone. We take lots of photos, but forget the sounds. Take a moment and listen to your baby and just record a minute of them feeding, sleeping, crying, gurgling.

In a year from how you will be so blessed you did. Trust me, sounds work amazingly in our memory to help us relive the most important moments in life.

THREE : Read Aloud from Day One

Your Newborn Baby loves the sound of your voice. They have intimately listened to it for the last nine months. Now they only hear it from time to time.

Reading to your baby helps in so many ways. It not only keeps you connected with your baby intimately. For fathers who are maybe out of the house all day

it's a great way to bond with your child. Educationally, you can't start teaching them soon enough. Your child's ability to communicate. The size of vocabulary they will have. Their confidence to speak for themselves. All comes from your communication with your baby now.

In fact babies are so hungry for input they soak up everything. We know families who are bilingual. Each parent reads to the child using their own language and right from the outset that child can speak both languages fluently for their age.

FOUR : Let them Sleep on You

Don't get me wrong here. I am not talking about ‘instead' of bedtime. Its essential babies have routine and know when its their bedtime as soon as possible. Which is a whole other blog post on its own.

What I mean is that during the day. Sit on the settee and let baby rest on you. There is nothing so beautiful and peaceful and uniting as making time and having your baby napping with you. Stephanie has a great photograph of Elise napping with me on the settee. I still love that photograph years later.

FIVE : Have a Cherubs Session

As already said, baby's first year goes so quickly, so many changes. In just the first three months they go from mostly sleeping and eating. To lifting up their head and looking at the world around them. By their first birthday they are toddling. They have their personality. They have desires of their own. They've learnt to say ‘No'.

Capture those changes with a professional studio photography session. Create a piece of Fine Art of your baby for the wall. Give professional portraits to the baby's Grandparents. They will love it.

Watch-Me-Grow is a whole years photography for your Newborn Baby. Three individual session throughout baby's first year. Start when they are just a few days old. Then one at six months when they have just learnt to sit up. Finally finish off with their first Birthday session.

Cherubs not only gives you a years photography at a subsidized cost. It also includes three beautiful fine art photographs in an amazing picture frame ready for your wall. All included in the session fee.

If you are interested call 01495 750676 for more details. Alternatively type “Cherubs Photographers” in Goggle to find a Professional Cherubs Photographer near you. The website for Cherubs is http://www.cherubsportrait.photography/

February 4, 2016


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